The Valentine love letters are pouring in and you guys are pouring it on thick! I love, love, love that people (especially you men) are taking the time to write some really wonderful things about your sweetheart to honor them for Valentine’s Day. I wish I could share all of them, and believe me, I will continue to share more on the air, so tune in, but for now, enjoy this one from Michael…

I first met Cherie in high school many years ago. She was this unbelievably cute little freshman, and I was a senior “jock.” She sat one row over, two seats back. All of five feet tall, with the prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen. We dated on and off over the next five years. Then I asked her to marry me in late fall of her senior year. When we went to our pastor, he told us we had a 10% chance of making it work. Not only were we as opposite as any two people I have yet to meet (and still are), we were three months pregnant. He married us a few months later.

In the years that followed, there was many times Cherie thought I had only married her for the obvious reasons. In hindsight, as wrong as she was, she probably had good reasons to think this. I had never known a person to love me like she did, and wasn't very good at dealing with that. As the years passed, I not only learned how to be a better husband, and father, but realized how in love with my wife I had become.

Our son has since graduated college, gotten married, become a military police soldier, loves God, his family and his country, and became a very good man. His mother and I could not be more proud. With this said, I have always wanted my wife, as well as everyone else, to know that I did in fact love her, and intended to do so forever, when I asked her to marry me back then. At the time I was just 21 years old, and I may have not really known how long forever would be. Now, I just don’t want forever to end. I would do it all over again today. Matthew
I hope Michael’s wife gets to read these sweet words that were written for her. See, now wouldn’t you just love to read a letter like this about you? That’s exactly why you should do it for someone else. Just a thought!