- Start reading a new book, or finally finish the one you're on.

- Try a new recipe with strawberries.

- Give yourself a pedicure.

- Pack a picnic and go watch a little league game in the park.

- Challenge someone you love to mini golf.

- Take something sweet to the fire station.

- Learn a new joke to tell at summer cookouts.

- Pick roses and deliver to a neighbor.

- Email Delilah your summer bucket list ideas! (D@Delilah.com)

Please do that last one because I would love to know how you plan to spice up your summer with simple ideas - I may steal some of them for myself. You go on and do your work or have your fun during the day and then let me help you wind down in the evening with songs and dedications that nourish your mind and spirit. Call me with your dedication to a special dad, grad, or any loved one who's on your heart at 1-888-633-5452.

~ Delilah