Dear Delilah,

I have been listening to you every day for at least a year now. I lost my husband on March 9th. We were together for 32 years, married for 30 years April 23rd. Some night could you play "On The Road Again"? It was our song and today is his birthday.

Please pray for us and for our first grandchild who is heading this way in September. Joe knew before he passed away which makes a good memory. 

Your photo is not how I imagined you. It is better than I imagined. You provide much pleasure to all. Thank you.

Have a great day.



Dear Cheryl,

I am so so sorry for your loss. One of my closest friends, Kim, lost her precious husband after 30 years of marriage. He passed away a week after their anniversary. She misses him so much that I ache for her; he loved her more than life. I pray that like Kim, the love and the memories you shared will see you through.

I am going to play a song for you in honor of your husband that was written in honor of my son Sammy who passed on March 11th last year. The song is "I Know You Lived" by Angie Broberg and you can find it on iTunes. If you buy it, the proceeds go directly to support my charity, Point Hope. 

May the Lord comfort you and heal your broken heart. 

God bless you.