I am hosting yet another summer wedding at my farm, so to prepare; we have been busy crafting the party favors for our guests. This time, we are giving out hand-painted mason jar glasses with built-in straws. People can fill them up with their preferred beverage, then they can take them home to enjoy time after time. Here is how you can easily make mason jar glasses for your shower, wedding, potluck, a hostess gift, or simply for your own enjoyment at home...

- Wash medium size mason jars with soap and water and dry thoroughly.

- Paint on them using acrylic paint. Once the paint has dried you can put a thin, plain acrylic glaze over them, which you can get in any craft store.

- Put them in a cold oven; turn the oven on to 300. Once it reaches 300 let them sit in the oven for 20 minutes.

- Turn the oven off after 20 minutes and leave them in the hot oven until they cool. Take them out and they're ready to go!

- For the straws, use a drill bit slightly wider than your straw to drill a small hole into the metal lid of the jar.

- Pop your small rubber grommets into the drilled hole to finish it off. Grommets can be found in the hardware store usually by the nails, screws and washers.

- Add your straw! We ordered pink paper straws off the Internet.