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As the polar vortex persists and temperatures drop across the DMV region again tonight, it's important to remember the homeless persons and pets and animals that are outside during the frigid temps. 

For the homeless, there are several ways you can help. One way Forbes suggests is to call the Washington, DC Hypothermia Holine at 1-800-535-7252 if you see a homeless person that is in need. The Hypothermia Hotilne offers patrols around the district and guaranteed shelter in the cold temps. If a person refuses the offer for shelter, they provide warm blankets, clothes, and check on the person through the night.

The Central Union Mission is in need of donations of just $10 which will help provide life-saving winter resuce kits at Central Union Mission. For only $10, you can help provide blankets, a hot meal, and warm clothes, and most importantly, you could help save a life! 

To help protect pets and animals, keep in mind that they, too, like to be comfortable when sleeping.

-Most importantly, keep them inside during these cold snaps. It's a common misconception that just because cats and dogs have fur, that they are more resistant than people to the cold. 

-Check your dogs paws for cold-weather damage (cracked paw pads and bleeding) 

-Wipe paws and belly area after walks, antifreeze and ice melts can be very dangerous to animals and their paws.

-Help neighborhood stray cats. If you have any in your neighborhood, call the local animal shelter, and if you can, provide water or food for them. 

Sources: Forbes & ASPCA