National Kidney Foundation Serving the national Capital Area

Volunteer Service Awards – June 27, 2013

To recognize a few very special people whose contributions have been instrumental to the successes we have enjoyed this past fiscal year.

Our next Volunteer Service Award goes to Bernie Lucas. Bernie is the PSA Director for Clear Channel Radio in WashingtonDC. His primary affiliation is with the country station WMZQ but I’m sure you will recognize the other stations in the Clear Channel family – WASH-FM, WBIG, HOT 99.5, and DC101. Bernie also serves on the Clear Channel Local Advisory Board, of which NKF is a member. As PSA Director, Bernie conducts the long-form interviews that air on Sunday mornings on all five stations. He has interviewed NKF medical volunteers and staff dozens of times over the past six years about kidney disease, prevention, and organ donation awareness. Bernie’s interest in the National Kidney Foundation was sparked when his friend donated a kidney to her father, thus prolonging his life by several years. Her actions left a huge impression on Bernie, in awareness and in the positive impact of taking action. In addition to promoting on air, Bernie participated in the 2010 Kidney Walk, and his friend the living donor became the first and biggest contributor to his Walk team.