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CHILLI'S VIDEO BLOG: Missing Out on Milestones

CHILLI'S VIDEO BLOG: Missing Out on Milestones
Posted April 22nd, 2014 @ 5:04am by Chilli Amar


(screenshot: YouTube)


I'm often asked how I manage to wake up before 2am for work every morning and still have enough energy to take care of a baby. It's not easy. I'm exhausted all the time...but it's a choice I made. A choice I don't regret.

My crazy schedule allows me to be home by 11am most days. Donato's nanny is with him just a few short he barely realizes I'm gone. My husband leaves the house shortly before 8am...and I'm there 3-hours later. Most kids don't have the luxury of having a parent around the majority of the day.

I love our nanny. Don and I feel lucky to have found such a caring woman. She likes to send me pictures of Donato from time to time. It's usually the highlight of my work day. A couple of weeks ago, she took him to a nearby park and took a photo of him on the swing. My initial reaction was " cute." Then, it stung. Donato's first time on a swing was with the nanny...not me or my husband. It bugged me. I wasn't upset with the nanny. She did nothing wrong. We never told her to not take him to the park. I didn't even realize it would bother me...until it did.

So...this past weekend, Don and I decided to take Donato to the park to make OUR first swing memory with him. Here's a brief video clip. You can tell Don and I are more excited about the experience than Donato is...




What milestone or event did YOU miss? Comment below!

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