On the heels of NBC's cancellation of Community, ABC and CBS have taken more of the mystery out of what shows will and won't be part of the next TV Season.

CBS has announced it is adding series that sound rather familiar, even if they are new. Matthew Perry tries again, this time with an updated version of The Odd Couple. Scott Bakula also has a new series, NCIS: New Orleans, which had a two-show preview recently as part of NCIS. Tea Leoni is back (and perhaps there will be select committee hearings about her series): Madam Secretary concerns a Secretary of State who goes rogue. 

Other new CBS dramas include Stalker (about the Threat Management Unit of the LAPD) and Scorpion (we rely on on an international network of geniuses to protect our world). The McCarthys is a new comedy about a family of Boston sports fanatics (do we really want to visit Red Sox Nation every week?).

Pink slips went out to The Crazy Ones, Intelligence and Bad Teacher...while Mom, The Millers and The Mentalist were renewed. In my household, The Mentalist is known as the show we have to DVR in case The Good Wife goes late.

Over on ABC, a fairy tale gets the musical comedy treatment on Galavant. My Fair Lady is remade in the world of social media in a new series called Selfie. The lead character on Forever is an immortal medical examiner in NYC...really. There's also Secrets and Lies (a thriller with Ryan Phillippe), American Crime (a crime drama directed and produced by John Ridley of 12 Years A Slave, The Whispers (not about an 80s dance music group, but a drama about aliens who use the world's children to help infiltrate the earth), Manhattan Love Story (in which we hear what a couple is thinking as they're dating) and How To Get Away with Murder (in which law school students find themselves in the middle of a murder case).

ABC has renewed Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Resurrection, Castle, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, The Goldbergs and The Middle.