If you find you've been striking out a lot more than you've been scoring lately, it might be that you're saying the wrong things. According to AskMen.com, here are the wrong things to say to a woman ... and what to say instead:

8. "How many men have you been with?"
Instead say: “How many long-term relationships have you been in?” 

7. "Do You Want To Come Back To My Place?"
Instead Say: “I just don’t feel like the night should end here.”

6.  "You Should Meet My Family."
Instead say: “Would you like to meet my family?”

5. "Was That Good For You?"
Instead say: “That was amazing.” 

4. “You look awful in that outfit.”
Instead say: “I just don’t like that outfit.”

3. “Are you putting on weight?”
Instead say: “Let’s do something active today. I’m feeling out of shape.”

2. “I don’t like your friends.” 
Instead say: “We should meet some new people.” 

1. “My ex-girlfriend used to do this in bed. Can you do it?”
Instead say: “Let’s try this in bed tonight.”