Instagram user cjkarl11 definitely takes the award for worst boyfriend ever. Would you believe this guy dumped his girlfriend on Instagram using the #TransformationTuesday hashtag?!

#TransformationTuesday is usually flooded with uplifting before and after images of DIY projects users are proud of, or weight loss and workout before and afters. But CJ used the hashtag to caption side-by-side photos showing him and his girlfriend in the first shot and her cropped out of the photo in the second shot. Yep, his relationship status before and after. Classy, right?

It gets worse. His girlfriend saw the photo and was so confused she actually commented, "Is this your way of breaking up with me?" Ugh, this poor girl! Instagram users did not think his breakup was very cool and they clearly must have let him know it, because he has deleted all of his photos and seems to have abandoned his account.