One of Casey Kasem's daughters has leveled serious charges against her step-mother Jean. Appearing Thursday on ABC's The View, Kerri Kasem remains puzzled why Jean cut off Casey from contact with friends and family, including the children of his first marriage. She doesn't know why Jean "hates us so much. If knew why, I would make amends."

 "Soon as he became ill enough, where he couldn't pick up the phone or walk to get to a car so his driver could... take him to us -- me, my brother, my sister or his friends or family -- she cut him off, took his phones out. The driver wasn't allowed to drive him anywhere."

Kerri alleged that Jean acted similarly when she oversaw the care of her own mother. She said, "Her eight siblings couldn't get to [their] own mom, didn't know when she died, didn't know where she was buried." Kerri also detailed how Casey was "ripped out the [nursing] facility" he was in -- after the Kasem children were finally able to visit. Jean "ripped him out of there against doctors' orders, nurses' orders, disconnected his feeding tube, disconnected his IVs."

More than a week after Casey's death, Kerri says Jean still has Casey's body and hasn't permitted it to be buried. She then leveled an even stronger charge while explaining why she and her siblings had never fought over Casey's money.

 "Throughout the entire months of the court case, we've never asked for money. I've never asked for the estate. I have guardianship over the person, not the money. We're not in the will. My dad left us, 30 years ago, an irrevocable trust. Let me tell you something: last Friday, she... a lawyer sent the trustee or the executor of the will, a letter saying they're coming after our trust."

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