Casey Kasem's final days are upon us. His adult children prevailed in court Wednesday, clearing the way for doctors to withdraw feeding tubes, fluids and other medication.

His daughter Kerri had won conservatorship over his affairs last month, taking legal responsibility away from her stepmother Jean. But when Kerri made the decision a few days ago to let Casey go, Jean got an emergency injunction blocking the move.

However, an L.A. judge ruled yesterday in Kerri's favor, citing an advance health directive that reads in part, "If the extension of my life would result in a mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration.”

Kerri writes on Facebook, "For the last 11 days, our father has been surrounded day and night by love and care by his daughters Kerri and Julie, his son Mike, his brother Mouner and sister-in-law Mary, and his dear friend Gonzalo Venecia. We continue to hope that Jean and [Casey and Jean's daughter] Liberty will come join his family during this time." Not likely -- Jean stormed out of court after the ruling, yelling that Kerri will have Casey's blood on her hands.

Casey will live out his last days in hospice in Washington state.

ALSO...the intense family feud surrounding the radio legend now has the police involved. 

Casey's wife is being investigated for possible elder abuse after his daughter Kerri contacted police and made the allegation. Kerri accuses her stepmother of fatally compromising her father's health when she pulled him out of the California health care facility he was living in and drove him to Nevada and then Arizona and finally flew him to a friend's house in Washington state. Kerri claims that during this time, Casey developed a bedsore which eventually landed him back in the hospital where he is now near death.

photo: getty images