I came across this yesterday and was so touched by it...make sure you read all the way to the end! Oh, and have a tissue handy!

"A letter from Joey.

Hi Mom. I am not sure what happened today. The last thing I remember is you and I sitting on the deck early this morning watching the storm roll in. You were feeding me bacon and hot dogs for breakfast, which never happ...ens, but I loved it. I didn’t understand why you kept going on and on about how magical it was that we were seeing a full rainbow from the deck. (Now I understand. I remember you had lots of tears, but also lots of laughter. I remember I was lying on my big fluffy bed and then all of a sudden that nice lady that always wore a white jacket and gave me medicine showed up. I remember the two of you telling me how much you loved me and you thanking me for being your best friend. I remember feeling so loved and like the luckiest dog in the world. I remember the smell of the pasture in the breeze and the sound of the horses eating. Then, all of a sudden I woke up and was in a field of snow! My favorite thing!!! But it was weird snow, it was warm and the air was warm. I stood up and felt differently. I had all four legs again!!! The field of snow went on forever and all I wanted to do was run and run and run..so I did! At the edge of the field I saw a beautiful land full of grass, ponds, trees and creatures everywhere playing and eating. Then I felt it, something brush up against me. I looked down and it was Tucker! : my best feline friend that left us too soon just a few months ago. I was so happy. We ran into the fields of green and played and played. There were so many creatures and warmth and peace. In the distance I could see the most beautiful rainbow and I felt drawn to it. But Tucker stopped me. He explained it wasn’t my time to go there yet. What? He said one day you will go there, but we will go there together and we will go there with Mom. Then I realized – where were you. I could see you and feel your love, but I couldn’t touch you. I could see you were sad and I could see all the other critters in our family trying to comfort you, but I couldn’t do anything. Tucker explained I wouldn’t be with you in the way we used to be together, but we were still connected thru our love for each other and I would have your love in my heart every day. I didn’t understand at first and was sad we wouldn’t play ball together anymore or take drives together or watch football together or share hugs and kisses, but I know how much you love me and that keeps me warm and happy. Mom, I am ok. I was tired. It was time for me to go so don’t feel badly you had to let me go. Remember when you said goodbye to me and I looked at you and licked you nose, I was ready and I knew you were ready to let me go and that brought me peace and comfort. I know you are sad, but I am not far away. I am in your heart and all around you. You need to live – live for me. Thank you for giving me such a great life. I had the chance to be loved by a human – that is the most special gift to an animal. I love you Mom. Please don’t cry. We will see each other again and I will be waiting with my ball, wagging tale and my tilted head and smile. And remember – I am fine.

Letter to Joey

Joey, I am sorry I couldn’t save you. I did everything I could. I am sorry we didn’t get to finish your bucket list. But I made a promise to you. When you were not able to enjoy your days in “Joey” style, it would be time for you to go. So on Monday when I noticed you had lost vision in your left eye and then Tuesday started to have seizures, I knew it was time. The awful disease had made its way to your brain and we both knew things would get worse and fast. Saying goodbye was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Joey, you are my best friend. You were there for me thru a difficult time of my life: staying up all night with your paw on my leg as I cried. I remember watching you fight to stay awake. You have been the passenger in my truck for almost 8 years. I can’t believe I am going to look in the rear view mirror and not see you sitting in the back seat or your head sticking out the window. You have been my personal greeter when I came home from work. How am I supposed to come home now? You have been my shadow. I moved, you moved. How am I supposed to go out to the barn and feed the horses without you watching me thru the fence – watching every move to ensure I make it back safely. How am I supposed to sit and enjoy my morning coffee in the backyard without you by my side? How am I supposed to watch football snuggled on the couch or go and get our Christmas tree without you? Every corner of the house, truck and even at work reminds me of you. You brought laughter to my life no matter what was happening. How am I supposed to get thru each slow and agonizing minute? By doing what you taught me. You taught me the meaning of determination, courage and strength. After you had your leg amputated I will never forget when you heard my shoes in the Pet ER, you jumped up in the kennel for the first time on three legs and ran to me as if nothing happened. You continued to inspire me every day with your strength and courage in what you were facing. You taught me the meaning of these words so I could use them now, and Joey, I will. I will follow by your example and have the courage to get thru each day, the strength to move on and take care of the other critters I have, and the determination to still live – live for you. I am so deeply, deeply sad, but know you are ok, know you are healthy and happy and mostly – know I will see you again dear friend. Play!!! Play!!! Play!!! and know I love you forever and I deeply, deeply appreciate your companionship, loyalty and ability to make me laugh, not take life too seriously and mostly for your love. As a good friend whispered in your ear yesterday when he came to see you “You did good boy, you did good.” I love you forever my sweet, loving, Joey – Love Mom."