Giant African snails aren't normally what you'd expect to find a picnic basket, but that's what federal authorities found on Monday at Los Angeles International Airport.

Sixty-seven of the living giant mollusks were found packed in two picnic baskets that weighed in at more than 35 pounds.

The snails, intended as food, came from Lagos, Nigeria and were on their way to San Dimas, California before they were seized. Apparently, they make tasty snacks if they're fried up, but if they're alive and on the prowl, they can be a nuisance. They can live as long as a decade and grow to a length of eight inches, consume more than 500 types of plants and when they can't find vegetation or fruits to eat, they'll "eat the paint and stucco off of houses," according to the customs agent. They can also transmit parasites that can be dangerous to humans.

Source: Los Angeles Times