You gotta love a good rom-com wedding movie. They are funny, heartfelt and always have a happy ending. Unfortunately, much like all of Hollywood's romantic movies, wedding movies are filled with lies. What Hollywood wants you to believe will happen from engagement to "I do" is much different than real life:

  • The bachelor and bachelorette party will start off innocently but end up in complete chaos almost ruining the wedding: OK, does dumb stuff happen during these nights? YES! Does it usually result in the groom getting lost in Vegas or a bride's dress getting completely destroyed? No...
  • The bride's best guy friend is always secretly in love with her or is her true love that she just doesn't realize: This stuff happens in Hallmark movies and My Best Friend's Wedding. In real life, if your best guy friend was ever at any point in love with you something would have happened at some point ... not hours or minutes before your wedding.
  • While you are engaged you will inevitably fall in love with someone else who is actually your soulmate: It's cute if this happens in movies, but in real life if you aren't 100% sure, don't say yes just because the ring is pretty and sparkly.
  • Your in-laws secretly hate you and will do everything they can to break you and your fiance up: Chances are by the time you get engaged you are pretty close with his family already! If not ... you might want to reconsider rushing down the aisle! (Shine)