New York's Daily News, which is the fourth most-circulated daily paper in the country, is supporting the call for the Washington Redskins to change their name.

As the NFL season gets underway, The Daily News announced that it will not be referring to Washington's NFL team as the Redskins in any of its sports coverage. They will also replace the team's Native American logo with an image of the team's colors. From now on they will simply refer to the team as Washington.

The Daily News explains, "The Redskins name is a throwback to a vanished era of perniciously casual racial attitudes. No new franchise would consider adopting a name based on pigmentation – Whiteskins, Blackskins, Yellowskins or Redskins – today. The time has come to leave the word behind." The only time the word Redskins will be seen in the paper is when it is part of a quote that appears in a story.

photo: getty images