A guy let his hobby take over his life and turned his bedroom into an awesome 1980s arcade.

Unfortunately, he also lost his fiancée in the process.

37-year-old Chris Kooluris spent $32,000 transforming his bedroom into an arcade after being inspired by a sci-fi novel called Ready Player One about 1980s video game culture.

The effort was a little too obsessive – or weird – for his fiancée, so she returned his engagement ring and walked away.

While some might consider this story tragic, it’s actually proof that Chris lives a charmed life.

First, he got his engagement ring back. That doesn’t always happen.

Second, he is now living his authentic dream, sleeping on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sheets and throwing video game parties for his friends.

And lastly, the numbers are in his favor. There are over seven billion people on the planet – which means more than three billion women. Somewhere in that collection of three billion women has to be ONE that appreciates Chris and his hobby. (BuzzFeed)

This is the BEFORE:

photo: screenshot from youtube video

See the AFTER: