The rumors are flying as to why Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have decided to "consciously uncouple," but a popular theory that seems to be making the rounds and might hold some credibility is that Gwyneth's strict dietary rules for herself, her husband, and kids caused a rift in the relationship. 

A source close to the Coldplay front man told the Daily Mail that Chris wanted the kids to be able to eat treats and watch TV if they wanted to and Gwyneth was too restrictive.

Just last year, paps spotted Chris out with the kids getting ice cream, which made headlines because that was a major no-no for Gwyneth who strives to live sugar free. She has claimed in the past that she loosens the reins with her kids when they go out, but it only seems like Chris is the one letting his kids be kids every once in a while.

As far as TV, Apple and Moses are only allowed to watch TV occasionally and it can only be in either French or Spanish – never in English. Chris, on the other hand, was pushing his wife to allow the kids to watch DVDs and movies with them as a family.