One Direction fans are turning on one of their own -- and starting a campaign to stop 1-D fan-fiction fave Anna Todd from publishing her first book.

Anna has racked up more than 800 million hits for her online short stories, but Directioneers aren't thrilled that she got a six-figure deal from Gallery Books to turn those tales into a full-length book. They've launched a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #StopAnnaTodd, claiming she's not a real fan, and that she'll use her new visibility to damage the reputation of the group with her fiction, which concerns a "bad boy" named Harry.

Anna insists she is a big fan of the band and simply had a "soft spot" for the 20-year-old singer. She says he and Liam are her "babes," but her opponents claim the story makes Harry look like an "abusive" lover and it shouldn't be sold to young girls.