Meet Winifred!!  This super sweet, five year old English bulldog mix has had a rough few years, having bounced from different owners, to several shelters until she arrived at WARL.  When she first arrived, she didn’t know quite what to think of the world, but since she’s been at the shelter, she has become more social with both humans and canine friends.  Winnie is terrific with other dogs and loves people too.  Still tentative and shy, she moves through life cautiously, but she will benefit GREATLY from stability.  A warm bed, a regular routine and a loving home is exactly what she’s looking for.   Her beautiful brindle coat and typical bulldog looks will look great cuddled up on anyone’s lap.  As a five year old, Winifred qualifies for our Boomers’ Buddies program, so any adopter 50 years of age or older may adopt her with no adoption fee.  Do yourself a favor and come meet this lovely girl at the Washington Animal Rescue League.  She would love to meet you!

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