age: 3

size: small

color: white/brown

spayed: yes

declawed: no


Are you looking for a cat with sass and spunk? Then Amelia (as in Earhart) is the girl for you. With big, gorgeous green eyes that grab your attention, this petite kitty is a brave soul and a loyal companion. Very dog-like, Amelia will greet you at the door, throw herself upside down and ask for a belly rub with a loud purr. She loves to follow you around the house, and she'll meow and trill every time she sees you. She wants to hang out with you, but not on you - think cuddle-adjacent, not in your lap. Amelia is affectionate and loves to be petted and to play, especially with string or a mouse toy. Amelia would love a home where she is either the only cat or can be the leading lady. If you're interested in hearing more about this beautiful kitty or meeting her in person, please contact come meet her at the Washington Humane Society's NY Avenue shelter!