Description: Description: Description: \\mas90\Data\Marketing & Communications\marketing\fy 2014 marketing promotions\august 5 dollar felines\rocky.jpgThe phrase “cool cat” was invented for kitties like Rocky. Playful, curious, friendly and sweet, Rocky is the whole package. He is a cat’s cat. He likes to sit and think about the world around him. He enjoys playing with string and toy mice, but is also content to just hang out. Hobbies include receiving pets from people (three or four at a time is acceptable) and stealing warm seats from humans who make the mistake of getting up. His sixth sense tells him when you need some extra attention, and he will gladly provide head bumps and leg rubs appropriately. Rocky happens to be FIV+ but his status does not define him. With regular vet visits and a nutritious diet, Rocky has a long life ahead of him and will love you every minute of it. Since Rocky is a Hidden Gem, his adoption fee is waived!

Meet Rocky at our New York Avenue Adoption Center!

1201 New York Avenue, NE

Washington DC 20002

(202) 576-6664

Rocky is just over two years old, weighs 15 lbs., and is a domestic shorthair tabby cat. He came to the Washington Humane Society in March 2014 when his mom moved and was unable to bring him along.

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