While many Americans are more excited about soccer than ever before, there are still haters out there – with good reason.

The lack of scoring, the flopping, the prima donna players … there’s just not enough there for most people to stop their lives and pay attention.

And here’s another reason soccer is lame – you don’t even have to win.

Germany beat the U.S. team by the thrilling score of 1-0.

If you were watching, you got to yell and cheer and scream for 90 minutes – and see one goal scored.

As a sports fan, you put your hopes and dreams and excitement on the line for those 90 minutes.

Unfortunately, the game ended in disappointment for Americans. The agony of defeat.

But wait! Even though the U.S. team lost, they’re still advancing! It’s like they won! But they didn’t win! So … Why even play?

Could you imagine what March Madness would be like if it were run like this? Or the NFL playoffs? Losers advancing? It just doesn’t make any sense.

No wonder many Americans don’t have the patience for the sport.

photo: getty images