When 4-year-old Annabelle wished for a real live unicorn to keep as a pet, her mom had the heartbreaking task of telling her daughter she couldn't have that because unicorns aren't real.

However, like any good parent, Annabelle's mother gave her a counter-offer. She asked her daughter what her second wish was and when Annabelle said it was to be a flower girl in a wedding, her mom was determined to make it happen.

Not having any friends who were even close to getting hitched, Annabelle's mom took her to the steps of City Hall in Brooklyn and had Annabelle hold a sign asking to "be your flower girl."

A couple on their way into get married agreed to have the little girl be part of their wedding and thus another childhood dream was fulfilled.

And what was Annabelle's favorite part of the experience? "Giving flowers to the bride."