Turning 40 has been a punchline/terrifying event for women for as long as we can remember.

It meant we were somehow magically less sexy, sought-after, valuable, and many other terms that left women feeling they should just admit defeat and pack their life in.

But this year, it's all changing – and we have Esquire magazine to thank.

They decided to showcase getting older in a new light by electing the age of 42 as the "most alluring."

And not only does Esquire hope you hold onto your sexiness after passing 40, but they want to remind you you're in good company.

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara and Amy Poehler have all hit the big 4-2. And guess what? They didn't fade away into the mist!

So embrace whatever age you are and remember – you're only as old as you feel.