Australian model Robyn Lawley used to starve herself sick in order to fit into what the fashion industry needed her to be. Then she stopped. Now Robyn is a gorgeous plus-sized model, free to eat and care for her body in a healthy way. The only weird thing is, Robyn doesn't SEEM plus-sized. She posted a photo of herself last week modeling a bikini from her new plus-sized swimwear line – totally unphotoshopped and makeup free – and to the general public, she STILL looks like a regular-sized model. After the pic was posted, comments started flooding in saying things like, "If this is plus sized then I hardly know any skinny people," and "This is a plus size model? No wonder eating disorders are on the rise." It kind of makes you think ... With a slim, healthy woman being touted as plus-sized, how are women EVER supposed to feel good about themselves?