When filling out your March Madness bracket ... You WILL make mistakes.

Odds of getting a perfect bracket: 1-in-9.2 quintillion.

Every year, 25 million brackets are filled out online, so you can expect to see a perfect one every 5,000 years.

To maximize your chances of winning the office pool, here are some tips from professional gamblers:

  • Size Doesn’t Matter, Experience Does – Lean toward teams like Witchita State, who’ve had experience playing together, over teams that are a newly assembled collection of athletes.
  • The Coach Factor – Guys like Coach K and Tom Izzo get paid the big bucks for a reason. They are very good at coaching games played on short rest.
  • Be Realistic – 25 years in a row, the NCAA Championship has been won by a top 4 seed. The Cinderella stories only go so far.
  • Listen to Las Vegas – You might have $20 bucks riding on your bracket. The wise guys in Vegas have $20 million. They’ve done the research. Trust them –even when they’re picking upsets. (GuyCodeBlog)