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Jenni Chase

Top beer-drinking states



Beer consumption has been dropping in this country over the past few years with more and more people moving over to wine, but that trend is not being followed in some states where beer is still being enjoyed in large quantities.

According to a recent study, North Dakota consumes the most beer per legal drinking age adult. North Dakota residents of legal drinking age consumed an average of 43.3 gallons of beer last year. To put that in perspective, people in Utah – who drank the least amount of beer –consumed only 19.6 gallons. Here are the 10 most beer-consuming states in the country.

1. North Dakota – 43.3 gallons

2. New Hampshire – 42.2 gallons

3. Montana – 40.5 gallons

4. South Dakota – 38.1 gallons

5. Vermont – 35.9 gallons

6. Wisconsin – 35.8 gallons

7. Nevada – 34.9 gallons

8. Maine – 34.8 gallons

9. Nebraska – 34.2 gallons

10. Iowa – 33.2 gallons

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