An Australian family who lost loved ones in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 earlier this year are mourning the loss of more family members in yesterday's crash of Flight 17 in Ukraine. 

Kaylene Mann's brother Rod Burrows and and his wife Mary were on board Flight 370 which mysteriously disappeared in March somewhere over the Indian Ocean. Yesterday, her step-daughter Maree Rizk and her husband Albert were killed in Flight 17 which was shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border.


A Scottish couple are a thankful they changed their plans and didn't get on the Malaysia Airlines flight that was later shot down, but they said that had a "sick feeling" upon hearing the news.

Barry Sim and his wife Izzy were planning to take the flight but they were told their wasn't enough room on the plane for them and their baby, so they switched to a later flight on KLM airlines.

Barry Sim said, "You get this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. We started getting butterflies. Your heartbeat starts going. There must have been someone watching over us and saying, 'You must not get on that flight.'"