Every girl has a type, and that means that all hot guys are not created equal. Based on taste, what one girl thinks of as drool-worthy another girl might not take a second look at! Yes, it's true, not all women think Ryan Gosling is the perfect man! 

For scientific purposes, here are the different types of hot guys girls disagree about. You tell us ... which one gives you butterflies and which one doesn't even register on your radar?

  • Hollister Hot: The surfer hottie who may or may not have been an extra on the O.C – his hair is sun-kissed blond and his board shorts hang low.
  • High Maintenance Hot: This guy has better fashion sense than you and even blow dries his hair. He is pretty perfect and has no qualms about admitting that he gets his eyebrows waxed!
  • Rugged Hot: He's an outdoorsman through and through – tall, strong, can build a fire and looks hot in hiking boots and with a lumberjack beard.
  • Rock Star Hot: He looks good in leather, is skinny and lanky. His hair may or may not be washed regularly, but when he is on stage ... nothing else matters!
  • Intellectual Hot: He's well read, awesome to talk to and can recite poetry off the top of his head. He may or may not have a sexy pair of reading glasses and he can pull of a 3-piece suit like nobody's business.
  • Not that strikingly hot, but when you get to know him or he reveals how talented he is you swoon: His personality is irresistible or he can sing, paint, or play guitar right to your heart. (Cosmo)