If you’re planning on watching today’s World Cup soccer match between the U.S. and Germany, odds are it’s one of the first soccer matches you’ve watched in a long time. Maybe ever.

Just to get you up to speed a bit, here are a few things to watch for …

  • Michael Bradley – He’s a great player who’s had a relatively crappy World Cup. Many people believe he cost the U.S. team the victory over Portugal. The U.S. team will have a much better chance tonight if Bradley shines.
  • Defense – The U.S. managed to bottle up Cristiano Ronaldo for 94 minutes last Sunday. But the German team has one of the most talented and diverse attacks in the tournament. We’ll see how they hold up.
  • The German-Americans – There are five Americans on the U.S. roster who play on German pro teams. One of them, Jermaine Jones, has been a stud. You have to wonder if playing against their friends will take some of the edge out of their game.
  • Offense – Both teams just need a tie in this match to move into the next round. So … why be aggressive? Why worry about scoring even one goal? (ForTheWin)

photo: getty images