A Texas man is trading his silver sports car for some silver handcuffs ... after pleading guilty to faking a crash to collect insurance money.

Andy Lee House deliberately drove his million-dollar Bugatti Veyron into the Gulf of Mexico, blaming a "low-flying pelican" for causing him to lose control and land in the water.

After he hit the water House got out of the car and left the engine running, causing mass amounts of salt water to be sucked into the engine, thus destroying it.

He then reported the "accident" to his insurance company, and tried to collect on the $2.2 million policy he had taken out on the Bugatti.

House's plans were derailed, though, when his stunt was caught on camera. Seems a passing motorist was filming the whole thing on his phone – which he then posted to YouTube. And you guessed it ... not a pelican in sight.

He faces 20 years in prison.