Even when you feel like you’re doing everything right, there are times when your weight loss stalls.

It’s frustrating enough to just throw in the towel and eat a whole tray of Oreo cookies.

Before throwing your hands up and crying, consider these weight loss tips for when the scale won’t budge:

  • Don’t worry about the scale – Just because the scale isn’t moving doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. If you’re lowering your heart rate, reducing belly fat, or improving your cholesterol numbers, you’re making progress. Stick with it and fat will continue to melt away eventually.
  • Instead of breaking old habits, start new ones – It's easier to form a new habit than to break an old one you struggle with. So, try swapping out the bad stuff for food that’s not as bad. Every bit of improvement helps.
  • Clean your kitchen – Getting your kitchen organized can help you feel like you've got a handle on your weight. The more in control you feel in your external environment, the more you feel in control internally.
  • Stop dwelling on your diet – Keep track of your daily food intake and workouts, but don’t obsess about it. The more time you spend enjoying outside interests and your active life, the easier it will be to eat right. (Huffington Post)