Now here's some vandalism we can get behind ...

A billboard in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was vandalized over the weekend in an effort to make passersby feel better about themselves.

The original billboard, which was an ad for a plastic surgery center, had a picture of two baking cups designed to look like jeans with the top of a muffin spilling over each holder. The caption read, "Friends don't let friends Muffin Top."

Then, some vandals got together and spray painted the words "You're beautiful!" along with spraying smiley faces on the muffin tops.

The surgery center was not amused saying, "It's truly an unfortunate situation. We'll be making a police report."

They people at the center claimed that the muffin top ad was supposed to "get people to chuckle," but they're clearly the ones without a sense of humor. (M Live)