So far the biggest story to come out of the World Cup is the "bite heard 'round the world" when Uruguay's Luis Suarez chomped on an Italian player's shoulder. But someone has now taken the story to a new level, offering up a ridiculous new perspective on the incident.

According to British magazine The New Statesman, you have a better chance of being bitten by Luis Suarez than being bitten by a shark. After calculating the number of matches he's played, the number of players that have lined up against him, and the number of times he's bitten someone (three), the odds of being bitten by Suarez is 1-in-2,000. That's a lot better than the odds of being bitten by a shark in the ocean, which is about 1-in-3.7 million. You're also less likely to be struck by lightning (1-in-10,000), hit by an asteroid (1-in-700,000) or killed by a firearm (1-in-6,500). 

photo: getty images