Although a college graduate, 23-year-old Joseph Garrett has quit his job at a British pub and is now earning a fortune posting videos of himself playing the video game Minecraft in his bedroom! No kidding. Garrett's YouTube channel - under the name "Stampylonghead" - gets five million hits a day -- way more than One Direction and Justin Bieber combined. That makes it one of the top 10 most viewed worldwide. When the channel reached 10,000 subscribers Garrett quit his job to manage the channel full time. He gets an average of 3,000 messages a day from gamers asking for tips and makes money by pocketing a share of the advertising revenue from his videos. He currently uploads at least one 20-minute video a day and says, "When I was at university I switched over to doing what I do now, called a 'let's play'. You are essentially just playing and commentating while you play, just as a fun hobby." (Ananova)