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10 Common Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Posted July 1st, 2014 @ 5:01am by Chilli Amar


I was an English major, but I still find myself making grammar mistakes. According to, here are 10 COMMON GRAMMAR MISTAKES EVEN SMART PEOPLE MAKE:


1. Irregardless and unthaw: These are not words. "Regardless" and "thaw" are sufficient and don't need any senseless prefixes mucking them up.

2. Bring and take: When using these words as commands think in terms of direction. People bring things toward you and take things away from you. Correct examples: "Please bring your report to my office;" and "Please take this report to the receptionist."

3. Alot and a lot: Fortunately spellcheck catches this one most of the time, but know this: If you're trying to say you have an abundance of something there should be a space in "a lot."

4. I, me, and myself: The question of how to refer to yourself along with other people is commonly misunderstood. Most people know to say the other person's name first when it happens at the beginning of the sentence; "Mark and I went to the meeting." But when this same phrase happens at the end of a sentence people get confused, often thinking the same usage of "I" is appropriate, which it isn't. Instead, it should be "The CEO met with Mark and me." The easy way to remember this one is to imagine removing the other person's name. It would sound weird to say "The CEO met with I," right? As for "myself," only use it if "me" or "I" would sound awkward in its place, such as "I kept the secret to myself." Saying "Mark and myself will attend the meeting" only makes a speaker look silly when a simple "I" would have sufficed.





photo credit: ChrisL_AK via photopin cc


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