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10 Crazy Jobs that Will Exist in the Future




Have you ever wondered what kinds of jobs will be available for the next generation and beyond? According to Mashable, here are 10 CRAZY JOBS THAT WILL EXIST IN THE FUTURE:


1. Nostalgist: Interior designers who will be tasked with helping the wealthy elderly design spaces that reflect their favorite decades. Whether this means recreating a 1980s living room or a 1950s kitchen, nostalgists will help recreate happy memories for their clients. This career path combines the roles of therapist, historical researcher and interior designer, and an eye for historical detail is essential.

2. Telesurgeon: Telesurgery (also known as remote surgery) allows trained surgeons to operate on patients remotely using robotic arms, a master controller and a sensory system that provides feedback to its user. This is a concept that's already being practiced. Telesurgeons will specialize in performing surgeries on patients in far off locations.

3. Rewilder: The rewilder's job will help undo the damage that humans have caused to the countryside. This means tearing down fences or ripping apart roads and replacing them with forests and natural greenery.




photo credit: mugley via photopin cc

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