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10 Diets That Are Likely to Backfire




Like most people, I've tried one or two "diets"...and I always ended up stopping because it wasn't a "natural" way for me to exist. Many people end up putting the weight back on after trying a fad diet...and some end up gaining even MORE.

According to Yahoo, here are 10 POPULAR DIETS THAT BACKFIRE:


1. Vegetarianism: Ditching meat can have you reaching for not-so-nutritious protein sources, like tofu and tempeh. Processed foods not only tend to be devoid of nutrients but also filled with sugar, which can cause weight gain by spiking insulin, and salt, which can cause bloating...

2. Paleo Diet: While this meat- and nut-heavy diet is chock full of nutrients, it's also calorie-packed-as in, not a recipe for weight loss. This diet can also be hard to follow because it restricts carbohydrate intake, limiting even healthy sources found in fruit.

3. Atkins Diet: This plan allows bacon, butter and cheese in large portions, yet shuns carbohydrates. Without healthy carbs in grains and fruit, your body burns fat for fuel, which gives you headaches, hurts your brain chemistry and damages your heart and arteries.




photo credit: GloriaGarcía via photopin cc

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