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10 Things That Make Men Look Like Jerks

10 Things That Make Men Look Like Jerks
Posted February 6th, 2014 @ 7:00am


Perception is reality. Even if you AREN'T a could look like one just by doing or saying the wrong thing. According to, here are 10 THINGS A GUY SHOULDN'T SAY...OR HE'LL LOOK LIKE A JERK:


1. Telling someone you used to wear what they've got on...implying their clothes are now out of style.

2. Telling someone to smile...not knowing the kind of day they've had.

3. Starting a sentence with "don't be offended but..."

4. Telling someone they look tired.

5. Asking someone if they are going to "eat all that?"

6. Saying "that's probably why you haven't met anyone."

7. Telling someone they look "different."

8. Making comments about what someone is eating.

9. Making someone feel shallow for reading gossip.

10. Telling someone to relax when they are clearly agitated.




photo credit: Viewminder via photopin cc



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