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10 Things You Should Never Do In Public

10 Things You Should Never Do In Public



Do you ever come across someone doing something public that should be done in PRIVATE? One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a person in line at the grocery store, carrying on a phone conversation instead of paying attention to the checkout process.

According to iVillage, here are 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IN PUBLIC:


  1. Trim your fingernails or toenails
  2. Sing out loud with your headphones on
  3. Pick your nose
  4. Eat a meal on public transportation
  5. Talk on the phone in line
  6. Floss your teeth
  7. Make-out session
  8. Spit
  9. Get into a loud argument
  10. Pick your scabs




photo credit: LeeBrimelow via photopin cc

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