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10 Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

10 Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them
Posted March 19th, 2014 @ 5:00am


A lot of the stuff that can go wrong when you're travelling is out of your control.  According to MSN, here are 6 TIPS FOR HASSLE-FREE TRAVELING: 


1. Pack spare clothes and your most important toiletries in your carry-on. Your bag probably WON'T be delayed, but you should be prepared just in case.

2. Get travel insurance. It sounds like just another added expense, but you're covered for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and anything that happens to your luggage.

3. Check out your cell phone plan, especially when it comes to data. If you're travelling abroad, roaming charges can be ridiculous. And make sure you know how much more you have to pay for calls and texts.

4. Don't book a tight layover. Give yourself at least 90 minutes. You don't want to be the guy running through an airport trying to make your connection.

5. Double-check the location of your hotel. Don't trust them just because they say they're near a landmark or centrally-located. Pull up a map and get an accurate picture.

6. Tell your credit card companies about your travel plans. They might actually shut down your cards if you try to make a charge in an exotic place.  Which is a huge hassle when you're on vacation.


photo credit: Soon. via photopin cc

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