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14 Risks Everyone Needs To Take In Life

14 Risks Everyone Needs To Take In Life


According to, here are 14 RISKS EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE IN LIFE:


1. Risk taking the road less traveled: The roads less traveled haven’t yet been mapped out and, therefore, the only thing you really have to go on in hopes of reaching your destination is your intelligence, your logic, perseverance, and a bit of luck. You risk never getting there, but once you do, it’s well worth your trouble.

2. Risk getting turned down: More often than not, we get turned down not because of us, but because of the individual that is rejecting our request. If you don’t ask then you won’t be answered. If you don’t ask then you’re basically still getting answered no, but you yourself are moving any chance of receiving a yes.

3. Risk not getting the job: We won’t always be the best qualified. We won’t always be the smartest, brightest or best fit for the job. That’s simply the way life is, but you still need to put yourself on the line and risk being turned down for your dream position.




photo credit: SweetOnVeg via photopin cc

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