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15 Things To Remember During Early Years of Marriage

15 Things To Remember During Early Years of Marriage



Want to live happily ever after? Of course you do. No one gets married with divorce in mind...but we all know it still happens. According to COSMO, here are 15 THINGS TO REMEMBER DURING YOUR EARLY YEARS OF MARRIAGE:


1. Marriage isn't always equal. Sometimes your relationship will be a 50/50 split. Other times it will be 10/90. Be flexible.

2. Teach your partner how to treat you. You discover who can handle yelling and who needs space before you hash out a problem. It's when you must stand up for yourself in a loving way and learn to ask for what you want and what you expect.

3. Separate sinks. There's something important about having space to brush your teeth.




photo credit: creatorsdream via photopin cc

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