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20 Things Women Don't Like Doing Alone

20 Things Women Don't Like Doing Alone
Posted February 26th, 2014 @ 5:40am



There is definitely power in numbers, and women are taking advantage of the group effect. According to COSMO, here are 20 THINGS WOMEN DON'T LIKE DOING ALONE:

1. Going to the bathroom: Whether there is one stall or enough room for a whole gaggle of girls, hitting up the restroom is better with friends! Besides, how else can you gossip about cute guys and who's who on your night out – all while borrowing your besties awesome new lip gloss?!

2. Trying out a new gym or new workout class: There's so much to figure out, and no one wants to be the only beginner in a class. It's just better having someone to share new experiences with, because you can then commiserate about it afterwards.

3. Brunch: Women can breakfast, dinner and lunch alone, but it is not possible to eat brunch alone. Mimosas are no fun without girlfriends!

4. Make life changing hair cut decisions: Most often this happens in a mass text with rapid transmission of headshots of a celebrity. Somehow, your friends always unite on an answer.

5. Shopping spree: If you're going to buy a new pair of shoes that costs $400, you are definitely not going to do it alone. You are going to grab the two ladies who enable 90 percent of your clothing purchases, drag them to the store, and then leave with the the shoes and at least one other purchase you absolutely don't need.

6. Watching award shows: If a woman watches an award show without four friends and three bottles of white wine, did the award show even happen?




photo credit: *Samantha Murphy* via photopin cc

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