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25 Things You Remember If You Were a Parent in the 90s

25 Things You Remember If You Were a Parent in the 90s
Posted March 10th, 2014 @ 5:05am



I got a late start when it came to getting married and having a child. I'll turn 42 in June. When my Mother was my age, I was already in college. It's crazy to think I could have a 20-year old right now!

If you were a parent in the 90s...then you'll appreciate this. According to The Huffington Post, here are 25 THINGS YOU REMEMBER IF YOU WERE A PARENT IN THE 90s:


1. Your maternity clothes were pretty much all really ugly, and your diaper bag was pastel colored.

2. You missed out on all nearly all of the music of the early 1990s because you were busy listening to Radio Disney. Your car radio was no longer in your control.

3. You wore overalls because they had lots of pockets for all of your kids' junk -- almost more than because they were in fashion.

4. Your children wore clothes from Gymboree and Gap Kids.

5. You watched Friends and missed being single, then watched The Cosby Show and felt glad you had a family.




photo credit: donaleen via photopin cc


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