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5 Personality Flaws That Seem Impossible to Change

5 Personality Flaws That Seem Impossible to Change
Posted March 24th, 2014 @ 5:05am



We've all heard people say "you can't change someone." That's especially true if they have certain traits. According to Cracked, here are 5 PERSONALITY FLAWS THAT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE:


1. Shyness: Shyness is so hard to change because your mind is constantly telling you that it's safe and comfortable at home. The only way to combat shyness is to do the thing that makes the air raid sirens go off in your brain.

2. Holding Grudges: Holding a grudge is directly tied to ego, and letting go of that anger feels like you're giving in and surrendering to the enemy.

3. Lying: Do you know someone who routinely lies?  They’re not happy with who they are, and the lies help get them attention. I used to lie like a cheap rug. Not just normal lies that pretty much everyone tells daily. I lied about everything. I told people I was colorblind. I was a black belt in whatever martial art was popular at the time. I knew how to play the piano, that I was psychic and kept up the story for over a year.

4. Being a Victim: The only way I've seen it escaped is when a person finally has enough and says, "Wait a minute, this is bullshit! I'm sick of living like this.” The downside to fixing this personality flaw is that I've never seen someone take that stance without first hitting rock bottom. 

5. Conceit and the Fear of Change: Self-love and self-esteem are absolutely necessary for a sane, productive person. But it has to be used in tandem with restraint and humility.  The idea that we shouldn't change anything about ourselves for fear of becoming something else is a form of conceit, and most of us harbor that.


photo credit: Navy Blue Stripes via photopin cc

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