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6 Common Foods You Can Actually Overdose On

Posted April 28th, 2014 @ 5:00am by Chill Amar

(credit: Pixabay)


According to Yahoo, here are 6 COMMON FOODS YOU CAN ACTUALLY O.D ON:


1. Raw Tuna:  Eating just six pieces of raw tuna a week would result in dangerously high mercury levels. The effects could range from kidney and lung disorders to sensory impairment and a lack of coordination-typically symptoms of neurological problems.

2. Soda:  Researchers found that all excessive soda drinkers suffered from irregular heart function, erratic heartbeats, and, in the case of one unlucky patient, death. Soda can dramatically lower the body's levels of potassium, which your heart needs to function. Limit your intake to 16 ounces a day.

3. Carrots: Limit your consumption to two cups a week. It can also make your skin orange. While vegetarians are more likely than omnivores to develop carotenemia (thanks to orange and yellow foods, especially carrots), carotene-rich nutritional supplements can also contribute.





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