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6 Signs You Might Have an Anxiety Disorder

6 Signs You Might Have an Anxiety Disorder
Posted March 20th, 2014 @ 5:00am


Everybody has stress and anxiety, but there are ways to tell if you may have a full-blown disorder.  According to ABC News, here are 6 SIGNS THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE AN ANXIETY DISORDER:


1. Excessive worry. Everybody worries, but if you worry ALL day for at least six days a week, and have been at it for six months or more, that's too much.

2. Physical problems. Anxiety becomes serious when it starts affecting your body, with things like sleeping problems, chronic indigestion, and constant muscle tension.

3. Phobias. Most of us are a little bit scared of things like snakes or flying, but fear can become a problem when you can't live your everyday life. If you're always cancelling plans because you're too scared, then it's gotten extreme.

4. Self-consciousness. Everyone gets a little nervous when they first show up at party or when they meet new people. But when you're TOO self-conscious you might start sweating A LOT and trembling...or you could even vomit. 

5. Panic attacks. Panic attacks basically feel like you're dying of fear. Anyone can have one, but they become a problem when they start to happen over and over.  The worst part is that you may never know when one will hit.

6. Compulsive behavior. Everybody likes to have it their way. But it becomes a full-blown problem when your preferences become "rituals". Or if you freak out and lose control when things don't go EXACTLY as you want them to. 


photo credit: zetson via photopin cc

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