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6 Ways Men Text Women

Posted June 24th, 2014 @ 5:00am by Chilli Amar


Considering guys usually prefer texting to talking on the phone you'd think they'd have better texting skills. According to The Cut, here are WAYS MEN TEXT WOMEN:


1. Disappearing in the middle of a conversation.  A lot of guys don't know when a conversation is supposed to continue.  You text them something funny, hoping to start some flirting or something, and you never hear back. They probably just laughed and went on with their day...they're not trying to be mean.  But it's still a failure of etiquette, since a funny text requires a response.

2. Abbreviating everything. Typing the letter "K" instead of "Okay"...using "TY" instead of "thank you"...or using "ur" instead of "you're." You're not paying for text messages by the letter, so it's okay to spell it out.

3. Being too abrupt. Like when you take out all the descriptive words and just use subjects and verbs.  As in, "Movie.  I'll get tickets.  8PM.  See you there." It's good to be direct, but if you're TOO direct it's easy to sound passive-aggressive by accident.  As in, "okay"..."that's fine"..."if you want."

4. Over-texting. The stereotype is that guys don't like to talk on the phone as much.  But that doesn't mean you should stuff EVERYTHING you would have said in a phone call into a single text.

5. Texting like a teenager. That means using emoticons, acronyms like LOL, and using too many exclamation points. You don't want a girl to think you're being cold, so you overcompensate.

6. SEXTING.  Some guys seem to think there's no use for texting EXCEPT sexting.  Even when they're not sending dirty pictures, they're always saying something dirty. But this one depends on how much you like him...because it could come off as either creepy or hot.


photo credit: slightly everything via photopin cc

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